At byblye we seek to create beautiful residential and commercial interiors that tell inspiring stories. We believe that the spaces in which you live, work, and play should be a reflection of your collected histories and passions, and be a welcoming place to share the things that bring you the greatest joy.


Blye Faust - Principal Designer


With a career in entertainment under her belt (as both a film and television producer and an attorney), travels far and wide across the globe (skipped Antarctica but covered every other continent), and having lived throughout the jaw-droppingly beautiful state of California (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and now the San Francisco Bay Area), Blye brings a vast collection of experiences to her role as a designer. Nothing makes her more excited than combining old and new, high and low, and any other dichotomous pairing you can dream up into a cohesive narrative that achieves a distinctive vision. Blye holds a BA from Santa Clara University and a JD from UCLA. She lives in Marin County with her husband and two sons.


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